Ra game rules

ra game rules

All capitalized game terms used in the rules are explained in the. Glossary. If the Army they accompany into battle loses, the RA units that were set aside. Ra is a board game for two to five players designed by Reiner Knizia and themed around Ra, Besides these three officially published language translations, fans of the game have translated the rules into Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, and. Place the Ra figure next to the game board. 2 players track is full, players are limited to playing God tiles or invoking Ra. Summary of Ra and auction rules. The area on the table in front of each player is their display area described. Cover of the Rio Grande edition. In addition, the epoch ends immediately, when the Ra track is. I try to get involved earlier in the process…. After each epoch, each player receives one fame point for each flood and Nile tile in his display area.


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